The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

The Laurels

Sydney’s shoegaze stalwarts The Laurels have been blending the lines between genres since their inception. Through their prolific touring career, the four piece have amassed a reputation as one of Australia’s best live bands, earning a legion of fans and support offers. Invitations include sharing the stage with Tame Impala, The Black Angels and The Brian Johnstown Massacre and being hand picked to play a coveted spot at Austin Psych Fest alongside Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deerhunter and Warpaint, before continuing on a month long tour of the US. These milestones resulted in a nomination for Best Live Act at FBi Radio’s SMACS.

Over their two full length releases the band have received praise from the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Rolling Stone and The Guardian, alongside ‘Album of the Week’ features on community stations around the country.

In their set for HALO, The Laurels perform singles from their forthcoming full length album. First up is ‘Sound System’, a slice of melodic grunge communicating the extinction of nightlife and doomed future of city dwelling. The band conclude with ‘Ex-Sherpa’, an indictment on overwork and mindless mundanity. This is the band’s first live recording since welcoming bassist and vocalist Kat Harley (Mezko) into the band.